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Penetration Testing

A practical demonstration of possible attack scenarios allowing a malicious actor to bypass security controls in your corporate network and obtain high privileges in important systems.

Application Security Assessment

An in-depth hunt for business logic flaws and implementation vulnerabilities in applications of any kind, from large cloud-based solutions to embedded and mobile applications.

Transportation Systems Security Assessment

Specialized research focused on identifying security problems related to mission-critical components of modern transportation infrastructure, from Automotive to Aerospace.

Smart Technologies and IoT Security Assessment

Detailed evaluation of highly-interconnected devices and their backend infrastructure, revealing vulnerabilities in firmware, network, and application layers.

Malware Analysis

Providing you with a complete picture of the behavior and functionality of specific malware files.

Post-Attack Analysis & Response

Analysis of the evidences relating to an attack, leading to the creation of a comprehensive report detailing the process of the attacker, then fixing these weaknesses.

Application Reverse Engineering

Detailed analysis of the inner working of a given application or program. Allowing you to build product around it, or to better understand your competitors.

Web Scrapper Bot development

Recover data from closed web systems, bypassing all anti-bot solutions.

Full-Stack & System development

Building of your project based on specifications.

How I hacked an ESA's experimental satellite.

Or how to reverse engineer new space implementations & architectures.


Cybersecurity / Full-Stack / System / Mobile / IoT / DevOps

I'm passionated about CyberSecurity and Computer Science since my childhood. I now help companies to develop their CyberSecurity strategies and to better undertand this world. I also like to write articles and give conferences about my side projects.

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Didelot Maurice-Michel Freelance

My articles

Didelot Maurice-Michel Freelance 47a51044-086c-4a41-9384-4dcae60f1515
How I hacked SONOS and YouTube the same day

Or how to play YouTube videos on you SONOS, easy and for free.

Didelot Maurice-Michel Freelance 7d3aa295-ac32-4531-9b1f-5d7cc6b06d39
How to earn money by hacking a "walking for money" app.

Or how to reverse engineer React Native apps, and abuse API.

Didelot Maurice-Michel Freelance 15a903b3-94c7-40e6-8023-0f4dd6e8a0d3
How I hacked an ESA's experimental satellite

Or how to reverse engineer new space implementations & architectures.

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