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Didelot Maurice-Michel Freelance Sonos Youtube Hacking ADTS MP4
How I hacked SONOS and YouTube the same day

Or how to play YouTube videos on you SONOS, easy and for free.

Didelot Maurice-Michel Freelance
How to earn money by hacking a "walking for money" app.

Or how to reverse engineer React Native apps, and abuse API.

Didelot Maurice-Michel Freelance hacking satellite opsec new space security esa cysec
How I hacked an ESA's experimental satellite

Or how to reverse engineer new space implementations & architectures.


Didelot Maurice-Michel Freelance

I help enterprises of every sizes on their development projects, by advising on their problematics, and by proposing innovative solutions. I adapt my solutions to the budget and security needs of my customers.

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Some my projects are built with the goal of simplify my life and so yours. Some of them are just stylistic exercise, others are just fun. Use them as you want, and give me feedback.